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karndean flooringKarndean has a fantastic range of flooring products ranging from wood and stone effect to tile and slate looking laminates.

The floors are made of extremely high quality plastics and resins which create an extremely stable end product that is so durable it is frequently found in shops and restaurants as well as in the home. You can probably imagine the punishment a floor gets in a shop or eatery: vast numbers of people walking over it in all weathers, dropping and dragging things across the surface and exposure to sunlight will all be events that the floor will have to withstand throughout its lifetime.

When your Karndean floor is first laid, it’s not recommended to clean it for at least 24 hours. When you do get to cleaning, the manufacturer recommend using their own cleaning products that come in three stages: Clean, Remove and Refresh. These products are designed to work in harmony with the polyurethane layer that is applied over surface of the laminate stock in order to protect it from scuffs, dings and abrasions. If you want to watch out for your floor, it’s a good idea to put surface protectors on the bottoms of the legs of your furniture and lift and carry things rather than dragging them. The flooring surface is of a very high quality, however, it isn’t indestructible and a reasonable degree of care should be taken, as with any floor surface, if you want it to last. Read more »

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karndean flooringEverything is cyclic. We were promised ‘no more boom and bust,’ a statement that was followed almost immediately by a recession that’s still affecting us 8 years later. We stopped wearing skinny jeans with the knees out because they weren’t that comfortable, but they’re back in fashion again, failing to keep the knees of a new generation warm again.

Flooring sells in cycles too. Fashions change and what seemed like a good idea a couple of years ago are passé today. When laminate flooring first became popular it was seen as the ideal alternative to real wood flooring; it was strain resistant, warm underfoot, durable, wouldn’t warp or come up if it got wet and wouldn’t rot if it was exposed to damp.

Then, after a few years people wanted their real wood floors back because the laminates were slippery, the patterns wore off leaving big white patches and where it didn’t wear off, you could see the patterns repeating, revealing that the floor wasn’t a real timber. A real wood floor, properly fitted, treated, stained and maintained has all of the advantages that a laminate floor was supposed to provide. Read more »

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main-sanderIf you’ve got a hardwood floor, you have one of the most hardwearing yet attractive flooring solutions there is to be had. They’re not only hardwearing but they don’t collect or create dust, they are naturally antiseptic and their natural colour is unbeatable. However, no matter how heavy duty they are, they do require care.

If your hardwood floor has been stained or sealed, spills don’t pose too much of a problem, they can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth. Notwithstanding the durability of a wooden floor, every now and again you will need to see to your floor. When the floor begins to look worn, lacklustre or scratched, if there has been a flood and the surface has discoloured or areas by windows have started to fade, then it sounds like time to sand back the surface and apply a new coat of stain or varnish.

DIY If You’re Really Brave

Sanding a wooden floor isn’t something that can readily be taken on by anybody but the most handy DIYer. It’s not a particularly technical job, but you do need powerful, heavy and dangerous tools, protective clothing and equipment and masks. In addition to this it’s an absolutely filthy job that creates and incredible amount of noise. Read more »

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pvc_vinyl_floor_for_hospital_useCommercial premises have a variety of needs when it comes to their flooring, many of which, when overlooked, can be costly in a variety of ways.

When you’re laying a new floor in your shop, there are a number of different things to look at before coming to a final decision. Some of them are aesthetic, many of them are more practical and financial. So what should you be looking for?

First of all, the visual appeal. The floor has to be easy to maintain, clean and withstand wear where there is bound to be heavy foot traffic, regular sweeping, buffing, scrapes and bumps that are sure to occur throughout the course of the floor’s life. Read more »

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karndeneNo matter what the project you’re working on in the home, the floor is always going to be of primary importance. There’s no dressing it up; an uneven floor, one that creaks or moves underfoot is never going to be satisfactory, so, choosing or badly fitting the wrong floor can ruin the overall look of a room.

No Disguise for a Bad Fit

Unfortunately, a badly fitted floor can’t be disguised. You can cover it up, but walking on it will always give it away. So, if your floor is badly laid or doesn’t fit in with the overall style of your home, it will stand out. So what can you do to make sure fitting a new floor goes right?

There are any number of choices on the market today, including carpet, laminate and hardwood. One of the most modern and adaptable floor coverings is laminate.

Laminate used to be a second choice to hardwood flooring, however, that’s no longer the case. Laminate flooring is a popular alternative to hardwood as it has a number of advantages over the alternatives. First of all, laminate is cheaper, especially if it is a facsimile of rare exotic woods that are difficult to buy. Read more »

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eu-flagsA lot of people are worried about Brexit and what it will mean for the economy, trade and not least houseprices. People are selling property now in anticipation of a housing market crash next year, affording them the opportunity to maximise their investment as property is anticipated to be incredibly cheap.

When you put your house on the market, your estate agent will tell you any number of things that you should do to increase the value of the property. You can follow their advice and maximise you money. Another might give you a lower price which will generate a quick sale, but if you want to maximise your return, you’ll want to do everything required to get your money out of the property, because if the economy does tank, you want to be as insulated as possible.

A lot of the recommendations they give you will appear to be expensive, however, investing in your home before you sell means not only creating a great impression on potential buyers, if you don’t manage to sell, at least you’ll have a well maintained home to live in! Read more »

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parquetIt might seem odd to talk about a floor’s performance to the uninitiated, it’s a flat surface you just walk on, right?

You might think so, until you see a floor that’s not suitable for the job. Case in point: A client wanted a new wood floor for her flat. She has dogs and preferred a wood floor and was prepared to spend as much money as it would take to do properly as she regarded it as an investment in her property. After taking a number of quotes she decided to have her floor fitted by a friend of a friend because the price was reasonable and she believed she could trust the workmen.

Unprofessional and Unsupervised

Because of the inconvenience of having workmen pulling up her old floor and replacing it, she decided to take a short break after giving instructions that she wanted a high gloss finish. This meant that she was rather disappointed when she saw pictures of her hall on Facebook with the caption “excellent matte finish”. She was more disappointed when she returned home to find that the parquet in the hall was not only matte but full of gaps. It wasn’t long before tiles started to come up, buckle and warp in other areas of the flat too. They had also replaced the floor under the bath, however, when they re-plumbed it, the bottom of the tub was level with the floor, meaning that it drained extremely slowly and started to develop water marks and stains. Read more »

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worthing-sea-frontWorthing Photography Competition

This is your last chance to go to the Visit Worthing Photography Competition. Visit Worthing is going after a new look, and they have recruited the help of Worthing residents to contribute photographs that they can use in their new image. If you think you’ve got a photo that could be used, or you just want to see what other people have been capturing on camera then you need to get your skates on as the competition ends on Monday, September 5th.

The categories for the competition are:

  • Cycling
  • Water Sport
  • Food and Drink
  • Art and Culture
  • Shopping
  • Family Fun

Prizes include gift vouchers, family cinema and theatre tickets, and sports classes. The closing date is a minute to midnight on Monday the fifth so if you’re attending any events before that, be sure to take your camera!

Read more »

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trip hazardThe National Floor Safety Institute in America has petitioned the Consumer Product Safety Commission in order to make it mandatory for flooring manufacturers to label their products where there is a possibility of slips, falls and any injuries that could occur as a result.

Because of the dangers posed by floors, the NFSI feel that labels warning customers of the dangers are appropriate. Russ Kendizor, president of the NSFI said that “Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of injuries, of which 55 percent are caused by unsafe floors, however, when it comes to buying a floor, most consumers are in the dark and assume all floors are safe, only to find out that they are not once they are injured,”

Flawed Reasoning

Most injuries are not caused by well manufactured, fitted and maintained floors, but by damaged, uneven, poorly installed and wet floors, or floors that have cables or other foreign objects left unattended. A spokesperson for Mohawk Industries, a leading US flooring manufacturer resisted the notion of putting labels on their packaging. They said that wet and dry traction was “self evident” to consumers simply by running a hand over or walking on the floor. Eric Astrachan of the Tile Council of North America elaborated on that theme by stating that keeping the floor clean and dry would be quite sufficient to maintain an acceptable safety level. Read more »

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fitted carpetBuying online can save you a lot of time and money. If you don’t have time to go to the shops there’s nothing better than browsing online, exploring more options and alternatives than has ever been possible before.

However, it isn’t always the case that buying online will save you money or that you will get the full service you need. Recently we’ve been getting calls from customers who’ve bought carpet online and now it’s been delivered, they’re having trouble putting it down. We’re professional carpet fitters, we don’t mind fitting your new carpets at all, however, people are surprised that when they add the cost of their new carpet to the costs of fitting, they find that the savings aren’t nearly as large as they had hoped.

Of course it is possible to fit your carpet yourself. It’s hard to do if you’ve no experience. It’s dirty, hard work that involves taking up old carpet and underlay, putting new underlay down and cutting the brand new carpet. Make a mistake measuring up and it gets doubly expensive! If you live in an older home you may find that minor floor repairs need to be undertaken while the carpets are up too. We’re carpet fitters, not builders so our expertise doesn’t extend to lifting and replacing floorboards or digging out old, damaged concrete. Of course we’ll do our best to level the floor, but major repairs fall outside of our remit. Read more »