Should Flooring Come with a Safety Warning?

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The National Floor Safety Institute in America has petitioned the Consumer Product Safety Commission in order to make it mandatory for flooring manufacturers to label their products where there is a possibility of slips, falls and any injuries that could occur as a result. Because of the dangers posed by floors, the NFSI feel that… Read more »

Pets Are No Longer A Problem

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Britain is a nation of animal lovers and there must hardly be anyone who either doesn’t have a pet or would love to have one in their home. The trouble is, animals take a lot of care and many people no longer have the time to take dogs out for walks or keep letting the… Read more »

Preventing Permanent Damage to Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floors are both beautiful and hardwearing, their richness of colour and warmth underfoot combined with their natural durability makes them perfect for floors throughout the house. However, being a natural product, they are susceptible to water damage.  If left wet for long periods any damage can become quite serious.  So, because of the wet summers,… Read more »