Selling Your Home Before Brexit Hits

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A lot of people are worried about Brexit and what it will mean for the economy, trade and not least houseprices. People are selling property now in anticipation of a housing market crash next year, affording them the opportunity to maximise their investment as property is anticipated to be incredibly cheap. When you put your… Read more »

Getting the Best Out of Your Floor

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It might seem odd to talk about a floor’s performance to the uninitiated, it’s a flat surface you just walk on, right? You might think so, until you see a floor that’s not suitable for the job. Case in point: A client wanted a new wood floor for her flat. She has dogs and preferred… Read more »

Things to do in Worthing in September

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Worthing Photography Competition This is your last chance to go to the Visit Worthing Photography Competition. Visit Worthing is going after a new look, and they have recruited the help of Worthing residents to contribute photographs that they can use in their new image. If you think you’ve got a photo that could be used,… Read more »