Even Better Than The Real Thing

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Everything is cyclic. We were promised ‘no more boom and bust,’ a statement that was followed almost immediately by a recession that’s still affecting us 8 years later. We stopped wearing skinny jeans with the knees out because they weren’t that comfortable, but they’re back in fashion again, failing to keep the knees of a… Read more »

Best Floors For Business

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Commercial premises have a variety of needs when it comes to their flooring, many of which, when overlooked, can be costly in a variety of ways. When you’re laying a new floor in your shop, there are a number of different things to look at before coming to a final decision. Some of them are… Read more »

Should Flooring Come with a Safety Warning?

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The National Floor Safety Institute in America has petitioned the Consumer Product Safety Commission in order to make it mandatory for flooring manufacturers to label their products where there is a possibility of slips, falls and any injuries that could occur as a result. Because of the dangers posed by floors, the NFSI feel that… Read more »