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karndean flooringKarndean has a fantastic range of flooring products ranging from wood and stone effect to tile and slate looking laminates.

The floors are made of extremely high quality plastics and resins which create an extremely stable end product that is so durable it is frequently found in shops and restaurants as well as in the home. You can probably imagine the punishment a floor gets in a shop or eatery: vast numbers of people walking over it in all weathers, dropping and dragging things across the surface and exposure to sunlight will all be events that the floor will have to withstand throughout its lifetime.

When your Karndean floor is first laid, it’s not recommended to clean it for at least 24 hours. When you do get to cleaning, the manufacturer recommend using their own cleaning products that come in three stages: Clean, Remove and Refresh. These products are designed to work in harmony with the polyurethane layer that is applied over surface of the laminate stock in order to protect it from scuffs, dings and abrasions. If you want to watch out for your floor, it’s a good idea to put surface protectors on the bottoms of the legs of your furniture and lift and carry things rather than dragging them. The flooring surface is of a very high quality, however, it isn’t indestructible and a reasonable degree of care should be taken, as with any floor surface, if you want it to last.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Once you’ve cleaned and carried out maintenance of your Karndean floor, you’ll find that the Refresh product has added another layer of scratch protection. Regular maintenance will ensure that light scuffs only appear on the surface and can be easily dealt with by cleaning and re-applying the cleaning and maintenance products.

That all sounds like Karndean floors are a lot of work to keep looking like new, but nothing could be further from the case. In fact Karndean floors are as easy as any other floor, their specially formulated cleaning and maintenance products help make maintenance easier and prolong the life of the product.

The real key to getting a perfect floor is not only looking after it properly once it has been installed, it’s vital that they subfloor is properly prepared and the final product is laid by skilled, experienced professionals. To get a good finish, good preparation is naturally what’s required, and it takes years of knowhow to be able to take up an old floor, repair any underlying faults, including loose or warped floorboards, cracked, degraded or uneven cement and any other issues that would put the perfect foundation of your new floor covering in jeopardy.

All of this work means that a good quality floor takes a little longer to fit, but a little time taken at this critical stage of the process means that the floor you end up with will remain solid, sturdy and stable for many years.

The combination of outstanding quality product twinned with superior technical ability will see your floor being something you can be proud of.