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parquetIt might seem odd to talk about a floor’s performance to the uninitiated, it’s a flat surface you just walk on, right?

You might think so, until you see a floor that’s not suitable for the job. Case in point: A client wanted a new wood floor for her flat. She has dogs and preferred a wood floor and was prepared to spend as much money as it would take to do properly as she regarded it as an investment in her property. After taking a number of quotes she decided to have her floor fitted by a friend of a friend because the price was reasonable and she believed she could trust the workmen.

Unprofessional and Unsupervised

Because of the inconvenience of having workmen pulling up her old floor and replacing it, she decided to take a short break after giving instructions that she wanted a high gloss finish. This meant that she was rather disappointed when she saw pictures of her hall on Facebook with the caption “excellent matte finish”. She was more disappointed when she returned home to find that the parquet in the hall was not only matte but full of gaps. It wasn’t long before tiles started to come up, buckle and warp in other areas of the flat too. They had also replaced the floor under the bath, however, when they re-plumbed it, the bottom of the tub was level with the floor, meaning that it drained extremely slowly and started to develop water marks and stains.

The problem that she had was that she had paid for the work up front and when she tried to get them to either repair and put right everything that was wrong they refused, and wound up the company, leaving her with no redress and thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Many of the problems here could have been avoided if she’d gone to a reputable company instead of trusting a virtual stranger. Other floor fitters may have been slightly more expensive, however, a professional floor fitter’s work is guaranteed, installed by people who’ve years of experience and won’t fit the wrong type of floor in the first place! They would have offered advice and, given the client knew exactly what she needed for her needs, fitted it without leaving any mess, so that her floor is good to walk on for years to come.

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