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Photos are fabulous. It’s great being able to look at online carpets and flooring. It saves time and hassle, and it helps you come to a decision about right kind for your home.

But at the end of the day, you can’t beat seeing them in real life. It’s the only way to get a true, exact idea of the flooring’s colour, texture and quality, and visualise what it’ll really look like in your home.

Then there’s picking the type of floor that’ll best suit the areas you’re having done. Things like how hard-wearing it needs to be, how long it’s likely to last, its stain resistance, how to clean it and keep it in top condition. It all matters, and while websites and catalogues are an excellent aid to decision-making, you can’t talk things over with them face-to-face!

Carpet, vinyl, wood, lino, laminate and more

That’s why we’re on hand to help you make that all-important final decision. Whether you’re in the market for carpet tiles, wall-to-wall cheap carpets, carpet underlay, special bathroom carpet or stair carpet, whatever you need, we have a huge range of carpets for sale.

The same goes for every other kind of flooring we sell and fit. We’ll bring a broad choice of attractive vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, wood flooring, laminate and lino samples to your place, no charge, and help you choose, answering all your questions and providing expert advice about the best flooring and solution at the very best price.

Measuring up so you don’t have to

Measuring up for new flooring involves a lot more than simply knowing the size of the room or area to be carpeted. It’s best left to the experts, and we’ll have it done for you in no time. Our motto is ‘measure at least twice, cut once’, and thanks to us you won’t end up buying more flooring or underlay than you actually need.

We fit flooring and carpets, Worthing and beyond

Once you’ve made your decision and know exactly how much of carpet is required, we’re also on hand to make sure it’s a perfect fit. There’s nothing worse-looking than badly-fitted carpets, and wrinkles mean they don’t last as long. Fitting is another of those jobs that’s best left to the professionals. Because we do it all the time we’ll get it done in no time, to an excellent standard, professional and neat without a wrinkle, bulge or loose end in sight.

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